Anime NebrasKon is a Japanese Animation and pop culture convention that is being held at the Ramada Plaza at 72nd and Grover in Omaha, Nebraska.

What is it about Anime NebrasKon that sets us apart? All of us here are dedicated to making our convention the most accessible, inclusive, and enjoyable event in the country. We are passionate about getting the details right, but even more than that we are obsessed with making sure all of our attendees have fun. We make a point of collecting feedback, of listening to your suggestions. We love making you all happy, and this year will be no different. Come join us for another great weekend of fun and friends October 31-November 2, 2014. We can't wait to see you!

December 28, 2014

Announcing 2015 Dates!

We are pleased to announce the 12th Anime NebrasKon will be November 6th to the 8th, 2015!~

More updates coming soon!

November 18, 2014

Attendee Feedback Form

We would love to hear your feedback!

October 8, 2014

Announcing the Anime NebrasKon DJ Guests!

Anime NebrasKon is proud to announce the following DJs for this year's dance party!

Revolution Boi

Revolution Boi is one of those hidden gems that you only hear about in the underground music scene. His many years in the DJ scene has made him travel and experience a diversity of different sounds to develop a unique ability to emphasize and capture an emotional mood for his listening audience. He often partners up with other artists and DJs to create amazing collaboration works.

Recognized by, as the first Vocaloid DJ in North America, Revolution Boi has become a crowd favorite among the Midwest Anime Conventions, and a growing inspiration to most vivid listeners internationally. He has been requested for many special events around the Midwest and is now venturing across the nation.

You may also remember him during his online radio live­stream performances on His remixes and compilations are spread worldwide.


The crossplaying DJ Shine Maiden has returned! Hailing from Orange Country, Califorina, DJ PrEyX can only be heard spinning anything from house to hardcore with your favorite Anime theme or Jpop songs. PrEyX is known for his livestream shows and even had a feature session at the CrunchyRoll booth at Anime Expo 2013. PrEyX also perform at event such asAnime Expo, Fanime, Sakura­Con, and started moving towards the Midwest Conventions such as Anime Zing, Motaku, and Anime Nebraskon! Humbled and yet grateful, PrEyX always throws a crowd unexpected with something amazing. What new things will we hear from him this time?

DJ Jinrei

DJ JINREI, born in Bristol England and raised in California. Currently a member of AXDance and is affiliated with Marginal Records Japan and also holds a residency with several nightclubs in Southern California. JINREI is a UK Style House DJ and EDM producer with over 200 releases bought or independent. Currently on tour with AXDance, JINREI has up to 30 conventions alone hes affiliated and or does events with in the United States as well as several festival / nightclub events he hosts. JINREI trains up new or soon to be featured talent an introduces them to different audiences in many different scenes that features music.

The Kandi Kid Assassin

Hailing from Kansas city, The Kandi Kid Assassin comes armed with an arsenal of Happy Hardcore, Uk Hardcore, and DnB for your listening pleasure. Since 2006 he has played dance floors all over the midwest and even as far away as Toronto, Canada. Known for his love of high energy melodic music, clean cuts and plenty of fader tricks Kandi Kid Assassin brings it hard and bouncy. With cheesy vocals, uplifting melodies, hard kicks, and plenty of silliness be sure to stretch first and dance at your own risk!

October 4, 2014

We have now officially ended pre-registration!

As of midnight tonight, our pre-registration count is at 2406. To compare, last year's figures were hovering around the 1800 mark, and our total attendance reached a few over 4,000 attendees. Our projected numbers are potentially breaching 5,000 attendees.

Why is this important? We have made an assessment with the Ramada Plaza that our maximum attendance count is 6,000.

First, let's be clear. We do not anticipate to reach 6,000 at this time. However, if we achieve unprecedented growth in this year and reach that number, we will have to insist on a cap.

I will reiterate :

We do not anticipating reaching our cap this year,

however pre-registration will be open until Oct. 10th, but it will be at-door prices. ($50 for a 3-day badge)

This will allow you to make the assessment of whether you want to absolutely guarantee your badge for 2014, or whether you want to take your chances.
Setting a registration cap is the absolute last thing we want to do for NebrasKon. We want to remain an inclusive event, and this will impact our plans for the future. We wanted to be transparent with everyone however, and hopefully we will not have to turn anyone away!

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions, please contact me or Gill Wright at